WEB MADE MOVIES: Mozilla + ITVS: The Living Docs Project

We are pleased to be participating in the Living Docs Hackathon!

The web is a transformative force. It’s changed the way people connect, work, play, and learn.


But when it comes to moving images, the web’s ability to connect people and events, tailor experience to individual viewers, visualize data in real-time, interact within immersive environments, and link together other media is only starting to become apparent.


The potential for this emerging “connected cinema” is enormous. And Mozilla is teaming up with ITVS to seize it.


That’s why we’ve created the Living Docs Program. The program will bring together filmmakers and web developers in a two-day Hack Jam to share ideas, build prototypes, and launch new projects. (We beta-tested this formula last March with Buttercamp). The best projects which will receive up to $75,000 in production funding from ITVS. Mozilla and ITVS will also work with the three chosen projects to drive outreach and engagement to festivals and audiences around the world.

Here is the full release from Mozilla.



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