STARTUP BOOTCAMP: Meet the Startupbootcamp teams from EGYPT: SuperMama and GroupStream

We are going to Copenhagen for 3 months to accelerate our group storytelling platform!



GroupStream is a brilliant 4-person team with yes, another female co-founder, woot! Co-founders Yasmin Elayat and Jigar Mehta have teamed up with partners Mohamed El Shinnawy and Ahmed Ellaithy to build a platform aiming to revolutionize the world of story telling and journalism. Perhaps very appropriate following this year’s political events in their country, the team’s product crowd-sources real-time stories from around the world so that readers can experience an event the way that it happened – in real time.




18 days in Egypt.


As a precursor to the platform, the GroupStream team has launched 18daysinEgypt - where the community can document events that took place in Egypt this year from January 25-February 11. Take a few minutes to see the story of the revolution for yourself.


3 techies + a journalist.


I guess the SuperMama girls were right – Egypt may very well be full of engineers! This team is made up of 3 techies and a lonestar documentary filmmaker and journalist (Jigar). Some of them have already been involved with developing and deploying break-through technologies like Blu-ray and 3D printing and the others have been globe trotting, with experience and degrees from top US universities Stanford and NYU.


A startup born from revolution.


This project is very unique in that it is born from this year’s political events. When Egyptians were turning to mobile recording devices and social media as revolution swept the country, the team naturally came together to build 18daysinEgypt. Since then, they’ve decided to take the project even further with the creation of GroupStream.


Put Cairo and Alexandria on the startup map.


Just like the ladies of SuperMama, GroupStream’s team agrees that the startup community in Egypt has come a very long way and that more people are tuning in to entrepreneurship. They mentioned that a number of startup events have popped up in key locations like Cairo and Alexandria, should you ever be in the neighborhood.:)


A little Danish Smørrebrød, please.


The product is still in its very early stages, so the team is looking forward to getting all the mentoring they can get. They’re also really excited to meet the other international teams that will be selected for Startupbootcamp Copenhagen this year. And just like any Egyptian hitting Denmark for the first time, they’re psyched to try a bit of Danish Smørrebrød!


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